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Guiyang power supply and control winter fire protection winter electricity safety

CLP news correspondent reported Wan Wei on December 14, guiyang power supply bureau in wintry spring fire prevention and control in the global scope, combined with the network safety accident happened recently, stick to secure the bottom line is not to relax, to ensure the safety of power supply in winter.

At present, the guiyang power supply bureau has been carrying out the winter fire prevention and control for half a month. During this period, people at all levels have seriously studied the recent incidents of security incidents in the net, and have been reminded of themselves.

"For the site of the project, it is easy to create a fire risk point for the new site, and we will comprehensively check and clean up the fire hazards.

The fire control equipment, fire control channel and safety exit shall be carefully inspected to ensure the fire protection facilities are in good condition, fire access and safe exits are unimpeded.

At the same time, strict engineering departments, property rights institutions, the regulations for the construction unit in guiyang power supply bureau should be implemented in a hot, where there is a fire risk field use open flame or hot work, must go through the formalities when hot.

Supervise the construction unit to implement safety measures to prevent the occurrence of illegal activity.

In guiyang power supply bureau departments and personnel at all levels of awareness of the current "urgency" of "fire safety work" and "importance", "two, two sessions" fire safety work, especially for the researchers of intensive production buildings, office building, focus on the key parts of the frequency and must improve the patrol, strengthen the district office building fire inspection, intensify, the inspections with fire, fight violations improper use of electrical appliances, fire accidents.

To check the power supply, fire equipment and fire hazard of the material warehouse in the area, and strengthen the management of inflammable and explosive goods.

The guiyang power supply bureau extends the winter fire prevention and control to the client, and checks and USES power load test for the electric fire hazard of electric power customers in the district.

The fire hazard in the front line of the electricity meter is checked, which provides guidance for the fire hazards of the electric meter.